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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Marginal Ecstasy by Chris Day - Zine + CD-R

Marginal Ecstasty is a drawing zine with a loose narrative compiling images and text alluding to an alternate realm, post-global inferno. Includes a cd-r of field recordings from the statue realm. Buy it from Lost Ghosts Records.

Cinders Gallery - New York

Cinders Gallery is in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. Monthly art shows, live music, readings, slide shows, and performance. There is a store section that features drawings, paintings, prints, t-shirts, artist books, zines.

Textfield Inc. - Online Distributor

Textfield, Inc. is an independent publisher and distributor of artists books, catalogs, editions, monographs, multiples, and periodicals.

Girl Germs - Zine

Girl Germs was a cut and paste zine created by Allison Wolfe and Molly Neuman, both members of the band Bratmobile. Published just before Riot Grrrl truly emerged, it helped pave the way for this movement, along with other proto-Riot Grrrl zines such as Tobi Vail's Jigsaw and Bikini Kill by Vail, Kathi Wilcox and Kathleen Hanna. Download.

Kaugummi exhibition - Open Call

Kaugummi Books announces an open call for artists and publishing houses producing zines and artists books focusing on contemporary drawings and photography.
The selection will be shown in may and june 2010 in Rennes - France. More information here.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Sculpture Zines by Matthew Rodela

You can buy them for $8 here.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

junco - fanzine


junco es una publicación de ediciones doméstica, no tiene un desarrollo único, son cosas que nos gustan y compartimos de modo amateur.

junco es elisa y christian

caballito - bs. as

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Pepper Zine - Manabu Koga

Pepper Zine,  a Japanese newsletter (and later, zine) put out in the early '90s. This post was quoted from electricantzine blog, visit for more photos and full decription.

Dance Party Smash Hits! - Box Set

Handmade box set of Recommended Records, house of Rock In Opposition.
16 records plus artwork. 1985
Faust, David Thomas, Ivor Cutler, Art Bears, Univers Zero, Chris Cutler, Art Zoyd and more.
Not really a fanzine, but you can look at the artwork like it was one.
A supreme DIY work, and the music is just as good. 
posted by - Tomás Nochteff

Dynasty - Publishing Entity

Dynasty is from Athens, Greece and publishs artists zines. The photo is from French.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

New Papers - Periódico

New papers  viene desde Madrid y es un tema, 11 artistas y 11 carteles.

Nuts Zine

Nuts is from Olympia, Washington. Classic punk rock zine with interviews with White Boss, Nodzzz, reviews, stories, drawings and a funny colummn by Tobi Vail talking about how she met minutemen´s Mike Watt and her middlelife (25year old) Bikini Kill crisis. Order it only via mail P.O box 7302, Olympia , WA, USA - 98507.

Didn´t make it two zine - Luke Ramsey

Take a look online at Luke Ramsey´s new zine here.

Solo soy una foto N.8

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Visit Lehni-Trüb work!

Napa - Publishing Entity and Gallery

Napa Books publishes art books, graphic novels and flipbooks since 1997.  Napa Gallery & Shop carries art books and magazines by independent publishers. Everything takes place in Helsinki.

Modern Graphics - Bookstore Berlin

Visit Berlin´s Modern Graphics, full of good comics and a little corner for small zine publishers.

Fanzinoteca Ambulant


La Fanzinoteca Ambulant es un módulo itinerante de consulta, que contiene un archivo de fanzines con base en Barcelona. La intención es hacer circular éste módulo por diferentes espacios públicos para generar puntos de consulta itinerantes y proponer actividades paralelas relacionadas.

Brass Lip - Zine

This is an English Music zine from 1979. Just Interviews and a very interesting design. Download here. (quoted from

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

We Make Zines - website

We make zines is an online community for zine makers and readers, is worthy checking the groups section.

Turbo Magazine - Zine

Turbo Magazine is a publication from Bienne, Switerzland.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Golden Age - Shop online

Golden Age is a bookstore, recordstore and clothestore located in Chicago. in the zines section of their online shop you can buy Terence Koh´s ¨The Whole Family¨.(pic)

Libraryman by Tony Cederteg

Visit Tony Cederteg´s new project Libraryman.

Solo soy una foto N.7

AA Bronson ¨Queer Zines¨ in the Office for Contemporary Art Norway.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Bedford Press - Publishing Entity

Bedford Press is a press and publisher located in London. The photo belongs to AA, Noted Without Comment edited by Zak Kyes, Wayne Daly.

Solo soy una foto N.6

quoted from n-roll blog.

Hamburguer Eyes -

In Hamburguer Eyes´s shop you´ll find their magazine Hamburguer Eyes Photo Magazine as posters, zines and tshirts.

Maxime Milanesi´s Blog

Maxime includes in his blog a lot of zine related news in between other nice stuff.

Boabooks - Publishing Entity

Boabooks is from Geneva and specialize in the publication of contemporary artbooks. The photo above belongs to Fabienne Radi´s Picket Fence.

One year of books - Blog

This blog shows all the books Laurence Vecten and Pierre Hourquet will be buying during 2010. With main interest in photo and design.


This blog from Toronto inlcludes a zine reviews section. The zines from the photo are from Kyle Pellet.

Éditions FP&CF - Publishing Entity

Éditions Frédéric Pierre & Camille Françoise
is located in Paris and they published photographers portfolios as their own zine ¨Tell Mom Everything is OK¨.
They are open for submissions and memberships!

TOMORROW- deadline for submissions for Zine´s Mate Japan

Deadline for ZINE’S MATE SHOP’s 2nd Quarter is March 15th. You can find the submission guidelines here. And more information about these great japanesse but worldwide project here.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Maximumrocknroll Zine - Photo Exhibition


The Maximumrocknrol Exhibiton
runs until the 12th of March at Needles and Pens, San Francisco.

De algunas historias con mi Vespa Zine - Boom Boom Kid

Bueno... mmm...que puedo decir más que desde los quince que voy a ver sus bandas, leo sus fanzines o visitaba su local. Me hubiera gustado encontrar algo mas online...acá fanzine y acá pagina web.

Well, well what can I say more than that i have seen his bands, read his zines and visited his record shop (R.I.P) for almost ten years now. acá fanzine

Friday, 5 March 2010

Für Immer - Publishing Entity

Pascal Alexander runs Für Immer. You can have a preview of his 7 published zines here. The photo is from the zine Glory Days.

Chicago Zine Fest - 12,13 march

The Chicago Zine Fest will be open to the public, and feature self publishers from around Chicago, the Midwest, as well as zinesters from across the country.

Growing up by Coley Brown and Patrick Tsai- Zine

“Here we are, two kids, on opposite sides of the world with one eye closed and one eye open.” 
Buy it online or check the blog.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Mozine by Daihiro Ohara - Zine

Dahiro Ohara is from Japan and he makes Mozine. You can check it yourself and see how good they look here.

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