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Friday, 25 November 2011

Feria de Publicaciones en Otero - Buenos Aires

Diario OTERO
Wilde Horses
Número A
Un faulduo
Big Sur
Sexo, flora y fauna
Los cereales importantes
Finales abiertos
Animal Print

Toca posavasos

Musicaliza: Deejay Traviesa

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Division Leap - rare bookstore

Division Leap is a gallery, rare bookstore, and publishing project started by Adam Davis and Kate Schaefer. After many years in New York, we returned to Oregon in the winter of 2010. Specialized in art and artists' books, zines, The Mimeograph Revolution, punk, radical Americana, and other vanguard movements in art and literature.



Caught in Flux Zine

Caught in Flux Was a zine published in New York City between 1993 and 1999.

Dimitri Bruni/ Manuel Krebs - Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee Book
A book narrating the live of Bruce Lee, the Master of Kung Fu.
Edited and designed by Norm

Gustavo Eandi - Guided by Tourists

Large scale dense pencil works bringing together a wide range of influences from horror manga to gothic typography.
1 Colour on Newsprint
12 Pages
300 x 500 mm
With 300 x 300 mm Risograph Print
Published 2011 by LANDFILL EDTIONS
Edition of 100


  • - Victoria Gondra
  • -
  • - Clara Gondra