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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Unter dem Motto 2010 - Second edition of the Art Book Fair Berlin

Unter dem Motto 2010 - Brlin, September 3-5
Second edition of the Art Book Fair, presenting 70+ publishers from all over the world
Organized by Motto Berlin & Chert Gallery

Opening hours:
Friday 3rd: 3-7pm
Saturday 4th: 12-8pm + evening program
Sunday 5th: 12-7pm

Unter Dem Motto 2010 takes place in conjunction with Miss Read 2010, 3-5 Sept. @ KW, Institute for Contemporary Art, Auguststr. 69, Berlin-Mitte.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

8 new zines from Kaugummi publishing

New titles by Massimiliano Bomba / Jimi Franklin / Gergő Szinyova / Aleksandra Waliszewska / Jaakko Pallasvuo / Alexander Binder / Marcus Oakley / Will Adler .... you can take a look in kaugummi´s website.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Shake Your Tree Editions

Shake Your Tree Editon n.1, n.2 and n.3 are out and looking good! Each zine contains the work of two artists; Jörg Albrecht & Manuel Bürger, Tanja Kernweiss & Ulrike Almut Sandig,  Frank Höhne & Juliane Liebert.

The Bam Bam Collective - Publishers

The Bam Bam Collective is a group of illustrators from Frankfurt/Offenbach/Berlin and Hamburg interested in experimenting with images in analogue and digital media. A platform for publications, exhibitions and colaborations with other artist.

Solo Soy una Foto N#102

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Salford Zine library

Salford Zine Library was formed in January 2010 and aims to showcase and share creative work in the self-published form. The archive sources work through contacting practitioners, poster campaigns and word of mouth. The library is completely inclusive and your contribution is important.Continue reading.

E.T Press - Publishing Entity

¨EXTREME TROGLODYTE PRESS & educational tapes ...entertainment is key¨

Black Scabbard Research Center by Pedro Ramos - Zine

Didier Lecointre & Dominique Drouet - Bookstore


Didier Lecointre & Dominique Drouet, antiquarian booksellers located in Paris, France, offer for 25 years, rare, out-of-print and illustrated books and periodicals on XXth century arts, architecture and avant-gardes.

Hatred for a Human Host vol 666: Suffer Vacation - Zine

If you're interested in purchasing a copy email momoftheyear (at), more good looking pictures here.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Forms of Inquiry Reading Room

Forms of Inquiry Reading Room contains a selection of publications guest-curated by a group of editors, publishers and designers. Contributions include independent scholarly publications, books, ’zines and other printed matter that exemplify graphically driven modes of inquiry, with a particular emphasis on those that investigate the connections between design and architecture.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Solo Soy una Foto N#102

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Bat Editions

BAT stands for Books, Art and Texts

Laser Magazine

¨Laser Magazine is presenting works, artists, ideas, topics of any kind.
Laser light is emitted in a bundled, narrow beam, like we show our
interests of these days bundled in one issue. But it is only an extract
of all the things which are happening around us.¨

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Japan zines: Never mind the bloggers Gianni Simone offers an insider's view of the underground DIY publishing scene

Confused? If so, that's probably because zinedom is a mostly underground world that exists below the radar of the mainstream media. Nowadays everybody is familiar with blogs, but relatively few people know that a long time before the Internet, there was a whole community of independent publishers who more or less did the same thing bloggers do today, but on paper. Continue reading.

Quoted from Printfetish.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Solo Soy una Foto N#101

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Shocking Pink - English 80s Zine

Shocking Pink was a feminist zine put out by a collective of young women in London, which ran from the late 1980s to early 1990s, billed itself as a “radical magazine for young women”. Part magazine with serious political coverage, part school-club magazine (if your classmates were hot-headed, deliciously witty, rebel grrrls) this magazine pre-dated riot grrrl zines with its fusion of sass, cultural appropriation and sprawling biro-made doodles all over the margins and type face'. Continue reading.

Quoted from history-is-made-at-night.blogspot.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Provo Movement

"In Provo#12 the magazine was described as:

“a monthly sheet for anarchists, provos, beatniks, pleiners, scissors-grinders, jailbirds, simple simon stylites, magicians, pacifists, potato-chip chaps, charlatans, philosophers, germ-carriers, grand masters of the queen’s horse, happeners, vegetarians, syndicalists, santy clauses, kindergarten teachers, agitators, pyromaniacs, assistant assistants, scratchers and syphilitics, secret police, and other riff-raff. Provo has something against capitalism, communism, fascism, bureaucracy, militarism, professionalism, dogmatism, and authoritarianism. Provo has to choose between desperate, resistance and submissive extinction. Provo calls for resistance wherever possible. Provo realises that it will lose in the end, but it cannot pass up the chance to make at least one more heartfelt attempt to provoke society. Provo regards anarchy as the inspirational source of resistance. Provo wants to revive anarchy and teach it to the young. Provo is an image.” "

Read more about the 60s Dutch movement here.


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