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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Massimiliano Bomba´s - Zines

Look at all his good looking zines here.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Preston is my Paris - Publishing Entity

New releases from PPP.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

JJ Villard - Mole-Skinnn

Take a look at JJ Villard´s notebook.

Suspect Device - Zine 1975

Download issue n# 5 via Essential Ephemera blog.

'Welcome to the greatest issue of any fanzine ever in the history of this or any other world, there is no way of escaping it, this issue Number 5 is just brilliant.'
John O'Reilly, 1979

Larrys - Zine and Publishing Entity

Good zines that you can download here.

Solo soy una foto N.10

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Elk - Gallery and Zines

Elk is from Brooklyn,New York and produces good zines featuring the work of many artists as their own publication Elk zine. The photo belongs to  the catalogue for the comprehensive exhibition "La Perruqueière" (The Female Wigmaker) at the Elk Gallery on Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles, May-June 2007.

Kaugummi and Friends - Zine Exhibition

Kaugummi is proud to announce a new exhibition curated by theirselves, held in rennes in may and june 2010.  100+ artists books and zines made by publishers and artists are exhibit for 6 weeks in Galerie de l'iufm, 153 rue de st malo, 35000 Rennes, France.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Fanzine Preservation Society - Blog

Zine Army

Publicando zines desde / Publishing zines from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

"la zine army es primero: una actitud, y luego un centro de publicaciones independientes; [...]este nuevo proyecto esta dispuesto a publicar lo mas sincero del underground elaborado a través de imágenes, textos, fotografías, collages, escritos, etc. no dudes en alistarte a la armada del fanzine."

"the zine army is first of all: an attitude, and then a center of independent publications; [...] this new project is willing to publish the most sincere of the underground ellaborated through images, texts, photographs, collages, writings, etc. don't hesitate to join the army of zine." (


#01_ el feder (alguien tenía que correr ese riesgo) /(someone had to run the risk)

#02_ florax (solo fotografías) / (photos only)

Friday, 7 May 2010

THANKS FOR SHARING! - Zine Exhibition

What is an art zine? How does it differ from an editorial art magazine or a blog? And why do more and more artists internationally seem to be interested in this particular publishing format? For the opening weekend of THANKS FOR SHARING! we have invited artists, collectors, distributors and curators from all over Germany and Switzerland to discuss this rising interest in zines, their popularity among contemporary artists, the revival of DIY-culture with its appealingly easy implementation of ideas and potential for stylistic experimentation. Leipzig, Germany. More information here.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Dripy Bone Books - Publishing Entity

Drippy Bone Books is a publishing project run by artists Kristy Foom, Mario Zoots, and Keenan Marshall Keller out of Amsterdam, Denver and Los Angeles. They release underground art and comic books, and promote the distribution of art multiples. The photo is from the upcoming Grawlix Comix 1


Via Rhizome and written by Ceci Moss you can read this article about the meaning on publishing cassettes nowadays and meet 101 cassette labels. The photo is from Cheatahs - 'Magic Weapons' EP fromParadise Vendors Inc. label

Forest Studio

Forest is the multi-purpose studio of Joel Speasmaker, located in Brooklyn, New York. Check  their small books section where you´ll find some good lookin zines

Cantab - Publishing Entity

Nice posters, nice zines and a good blog section in Cantab.

Save as ... - Publishing Entity

Save As... Publications is a publisher based in Barcelona. It was founded in 2008 by Irene Minovas and ferranElOtro. It aims at producing, diffusing and promoting artistic projects in diverse formats (books, CD-R, DVD, vinyl, etc.).

Publish and be Damned fairs

Publish and be Damned is an ongoing series of projects related to artists’ publishing, particularly outside established presses.
Established in 2004 by Kit Hammonds and Emily Pethick Publish and be Damned’s core activity is an annual self publishing fair in London. Over the past 6 years these have taken place on Sunday afternoons at St James, Clerkenwell; Rochelle School, Shoreditch and Oxford House, Bethnal Green.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Solo soy una foto N.9


  • - Victoria Gondra
  • -
  • - Clara Gondra